THE HANGOVER if Tarantino had written it

I love British shows, but they don't always translate well into American versions. Amazon's pilot of Mad Dogs might be the exception.

Starring Billy Zane, the funny Steve Zahn, and Tony Soprano's nephew Michael Imperioli, Mad Dogs reminds me of THE HANGOVER if Tarantino had written it. Like, if he'd co-written it with Vince Gilligan.

The show is funny, socially piercing, enigmatic, and it builds realistic but very large characters in a beautiful space, ripe with corruption and budding danger. My favorite parts are the truly dark and unsettling twists. The directors, writers, and actors create such real people in such a believable exotic place that when the unreal happens, you can only accept it.

It's one of the most intense and disturbing things I've ever seen, and I loved it. Amazon Prime members can watch the pilot free on Amazon.

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