The Pen Name

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Ben Little's dream has just come true: he has signed a lucrative novel contract to co-author with bestselling novelist Jack Fleischer. But Fleischer and his publisher are cruel and demanding. And Fleischer's literary agent forces Ben into dangerous research trips involving binge drinking, strip clubs, grand theft auto and worse.

After each trip, Ben gets a terrible nosebleed, leaving him to wonder: What's real and what's a nightmare? Is there even a difference?

In his critically acclaimed debut, David Jacob Knight unmasks an evil publisher and its bestselling shark. Equal parts spy novel, horror novel, and legal thriller, The Pen Name will keep you guessing until the end.

"This. Book. Scared. Me. Senseless... truly terrifying... extremely well-written."

"Enjoyable and scary. I managed to finish it in an afternoon and think most readers will find it an easy and worthwhile read."

"This book was a great read from start to finish.... Suspenseful... torturous... Definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.  

"[T]his book kept me guessing... the story is satisfying and the end was a great payoff."

"The Pen Name combines the supernatural with a good legal drama... and wraps up in a bloody little bow."

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