Rave Reviews for THE PEN NAME

Book reviews are important. For writers. And readers. Here's a great example why:

"This. Book. Scared. Me. Senseless... truly terrifying... extremely well-written."

See? That's just an awesome review. And that's just what reviews do. They let people know what other people liked--especially people with similar tastes. Reviews also help your favorite authors sell books, so that they can afford to write more. And more. And MORE of your favorite books.

Those economics are great for everyone. Readers. And writers alike.

Here are yet more examples why:

"Enjoyable and scary. I managed to finish it in an afternoon and think most readers will find it an easy and worthwhile read."

"This book was a great read from start to finish.... Suspenseful... torturous... Definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.  

"[T]his book kept me guessing... the story is satisfying and the end was a great payoff."

"The Pen Name combines the supernatural with a good legal drama... and wraps up in a bloody little bow."

Thank you, REVIEWERS!!!

The Pen Name is now available everywhere.

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